Spruce it up Landscaping

Spruce It Up Landscaping needed a website. The one I made has a large emphasis on showing what they’ve done. The brief for the job required:

Explain who we are and what we do, where they operate, show what they’ve done, show the value of working with seasoned (quite literally in this case) professionals.

Live Site

Cold Stone Enviromental


The assignment was to take an established brand and redesign their store (interior &/or exterior). I chose Cold Stone Creamery. The method of execution was basically up to us, and I chose to use Blender


Create a kiosk style booth for Cold Stone allowing them to expand the franchise cheaply to otherwise untapped markets.


Expand an existing and well established brand’s position by creating a new environmental design for their company.

Mission & Goals

Maintain the already perceived high product value in a compact and cheaply deployed kiosk.


Create an environment that is plays off of Cold Stone’s unique method for preparing ice cream, and also reinforces their commitment to rich fresh flavor.